Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Pups

Our friend at www.crossbrookpoodles.com had another litter not too long ago. These are gorgeous Standard Poodle pups and they do a great job of placing the right puppy in the right home. She has about a million pictures on her web site.
check them out.

High Maintenance

We call Gypsy a "High Maintenance" dog. We also call her a "Nervous Nelly." She seems most happy when she is around us and does not like to be alone. Where ever I go in the house, she follows.
Hey, I like your company. Whats wrong with that?
When she is inside, she looks out the back window into the backyard, looking for intruders. When we put her out, she comes to the back window checking out what is going on inside the house. She runs from the back window to the back door, looking at it waiting to see it open. This was partly the reason we got Rim, to keep her company and hopefully help her relax. That didn't turn out so well as his presence seemed to make her more nervous.
That puppy was trying to horn in on my people.
Since Rim is now gone to NC having a great time, she has relaxed some but still a Nervous Nelly.
The other day we had to run a few errands and it was too hot to take Gypsy in the car. When we leave her at home inside we put her in the office and put a baby gate in front of the door. She has a bed in the office and should be happy. The cats will venture inside the office from time to time keeping her company. The other day when we returned, even before we got inside the house, we heard a whining, crying from Gypsy. She was up in the office just wailing away. Since then she has done this a few more times. Now when I put her up in the office or even when I put her outside on the deck, she lowers her head and her tail is down between her legs. She will reluctantly go into the office like she is marching to her death.
I hate being alone!!!
This is something new to us. She has never liked being alone but she has never cried out loud. I think it is a bit strange behavior from an older dog. We are not sure how to deal with this anxiety issue she has developed. I've started walking her more, thinking that will chill her out. Maybe I should get her in therapy.