Sunday, July 28, 2013

Chow Time

To say Gypsy is a finicky eater is putting it mildly. She sometimes will not eat more than a bite or two for days. I've tried different dry food. Mixing dry with canned food. High end food, and the low end food. I've tried mixing dry with chicken stock.  Nothing seems to excite her. I think this is just how she is wired. When we took her to puppy training she would spit out the treats we gave her for positive reinforcement. It has been very frustrating. If you look on-line there are many different "solutions" for a finicky eater. It can be very confusing. I decided to make my own doggy food for her. The slop shown above is my first attempt at it. Basically it is beef, peas, white rice, and eggs. Yesterday was her first day on it and she ate with gusto in the morning and night. This is not unusual when I try something new though. This morning when we came in from the yard she went over and stood by her food bowl. This is not a common occurrence with her. She ate up the first bowl I gave her and wanted more. When Moose the red cat came by to see what was going on, Gypsy actually gave him a growl. First time I ever heard that but maybe a sign that she likes this food?
Not sure how this will go long term. I might get a multi vitamin to mix with the food.
I will keep you posted.

Summer Do

I've mentioned how hot this summer has been. Everyday has been hotter than the last with relentless humidity. So hot, we just have not been outside enough. Gypsy hates hot weather. We limit the car rides, don't go on our walks, and spend too much time inside.
Hey, Dino is melting out there!
So when I took Gyp to the groomer the other day, I had the idea of getting her a summer haircut. All her life we've taken Gypsy to the same groomer and she does a great job keeping Gypsy beautiful.
I've got a natural beauty to me...
Yes, you are pretty. We always have the groomer do the standard haircut on her. Fluffy hair on top and tail with long ears. This time around I told her to clip her short, head, ears, tail, and make it high and tight.
Girls love to have a makeover!
I think she looks awfully cute. Sandi is not too crazy about it because you can see just how thin Gypsy is with the short hair. She looks like a refugee from a third world country.
I think the main thing is that Gypsy has to be more comfortable with less hair.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sharing the Deck

When it cools off enough at night we do try to get outside if we can bear it. Chloe (aka Canned Ham) loves the deck and is the only cat we allow outside. When Sandi opens the door for her, she struts out like a model on a runway. Then she will give us a full stretch and go about surveying the situation. She and Gypsy are deck buddies. With the hot weather they basically just lay around. I think Chloe like the hot weather.

Hot Hot and Hotter

We have been having some HOT weather for the past few weeks. The entire east coast has been suffering. We've been around the upper 90's and with the humidity it has been bad. This is not ideal poodle weather to say the least. Summer is Gypsy's least favorite time of year. We don't take her in the car with us while we run errands around town. She hears the car keys and gets all excited about a road trip and we tell her to go chill out in the office.
What a buzz kill...
It's been too hot to walk her with any regularity because of the heat. Even if we go out early in the morning it is hot and humid and she starts huffing and puffing right off the bat.
Recently we took her on a short walk and had to detour around some Geese. Gypsy wanted to play but the Geese didn't want any part of her.
Hey, those are funny looking chickens!

Sandi and I try our best to get some time on the deck or in the back yard with her but it has been too hot for that too. When we do try to have some outside time, we have to hose Gypsy down to keep her cool and she hates that. So, we've been inside a bunch and Gypsy has been bonding with the cats.
The cats rule the inside. They are always interested in what Gypsy is up to. When I do get Gyp to eat, the cats go over by her and keep track of what is going on. Gypsy doesn't seem to mind too much. They go up and sniff her and rub on her legs while she is eating.
Hello...a little privacy would be good.
The other day Gypsy got her privacy when we were invaded by a bunch of butterflies. They were all over these flowers on the front porch and all the cats were front and center.
The forecast has the HOT snap we are having coming to an end this weekend and hopefully we'll have some time outside again.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The "Dogless" Park

Here is Gypsy cruising around looking for someone to play with.

In Search Of Detangler

 When we returned from the dogless dog park, we decided it was bath time for Smiley. It was a hot day and you would think she would like getting wet. Think again. This is not her favorite thing to do. I know it cooled her off.
 When she comes home from the groomer she is all fluffed out and every hair in place. When we bath her at home she is a tangled up mess. They must have some type of industrial strength detangler that they use on her. I'll be trying to brush her out the rest of the weekend.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Dog Park Again

 This morning we wanted to get out of the house for a bit before it became too hot so we decided to take Gypsy to the dog park. This is the dog park that is famous for not having any dogs in it. We've been several times and hardly a dog in the park. We have been a few times when
there were other dogs around when we arrive but they all leave shortly after. Not sure what's up with that. This morning we arrive and behold, there are three other dogs in the park. Gypsy was really good entering the park this morning. Usually she is so excited she can't contain herself. This morning she went right in calm cool and collected.

Of course she had to do the traditional lap around the perimeter upon entering. One of the dogs that was there was a Greyhound. I thought finally there might be a dog that can keep up with Gypsy. Didn't get to see them run together. The Greyhound packed up and left. So did the other two.
Is it my breath???
So we had the park to ourselves again.
Gypsy is mastering some of the agility things they have set up in the park. Too bad nobody was there to see her.

 After the park we hiked down the adjoining trail for a mile or two. Very pretty views. gypsy has a great time at the dog park. With or without other dogs.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independance Day

It is July 4th or Independence Day here in the good ole USA.  It is our nations birthday. I say this because I see views of this blog from all over the world. Russia, Netherlands, Malaysia, Ukraine, Germany, Japan (OK that's my daughter) and it's a day of celebration. Gypsy is in the swing of things with her patriotic scarf.
I'm a Yankee Doodle Poodle!

It's going to be a hot one again today but that's OK. We'll get a few hot dogs going on the grill and have our own little celebration.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer Time

Summertime is here and the 4th is around the corner. We are starting to get some tomatoes from the garden and the squash is not far behind. I decided to take a few days off prior to the 4th for some R&R time. Of course Mother Nature got the memo on my schedule and has decided it was time for a monsoon on the Eastern Shore. We've had rain and storms along with hot and humid weather. Last night I tried to get Sandi to sit outside between storms and she declined. You know the weather is bad when she doesn't want to go out. Gypsy is always willing to go out and patrol her yard. Making sure we aren't being attacked by rabbits, squirrels, black birds, or anything else on her list. After a minute or two, even Gypsy stopped and looked at me to say "Hey, it's nasty out here. Let's go back inside!"
I think we might be in for some drier weather albeit hot over the next few days and we'll be out back again.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Nap Time

Sandi caught me in the hammock the other day. I had just finished cutting the grass and I was burning up. Gypsy likes relaxing with me too.

Bunk Mates

So, the cats are very used to Gypsy. They are always rubbing on her and walk around her while she eats. She doesn't seem to mind in the least. They on occasion will sleep in her bed. She just walks away avoiding confrontation. The other day she was laying under a chair trying to beat the heat when Chole came up to her, rubbing and purring. Gypsy just looked at her puzzled as if to say...give me some space!