Sunday, April 9, 2017

Update on Red

 Red is almost 1 year old and I thought I'd give you an update. Fortunately, (for us) not much has changed. He continues to be a solid, well behaved, loving pup. He plays hard, and relaxes hard. Sandi had him going after a Frisbee the other day.
This purple toy is his favorite to retrieve. He'll play fetch all day long. He still thinks he is the boss of Gypsy and will take a bone from her if he wants. Gypsy is so non confrontational that it isn't an issue. He and Gypsy have a good amount of play time in the yard together. He loves to walk the neighborhood, play in the backyard, go downtown and meet other dogs and people. Most of all he likes being the center of attention.

Now that it is warming up, this is a favorite spot of his first thing in the morning. He shares this spot with the cats.

Sunday, April 2, 2017


Here is Gypsy standing over her red Dino. Well Dino used to be red. He is more pink now. Anyway, I've told the story about Dino in the past. This is really the only toy Gyp would ever play with. The company that produces this valuable toy isn't making Dino anymore. They are making a similar toy but the most vital part of the toy has been left off the new version.
The tail is missing!!!
That's correct and Gypsy doesn't want a thing to do with the new model. We found a few of the original Dino's on line and paid a Kings Ransom to get a good supply of them. We are now down to one Dino left in reserve. I think this spring we'll break it out and let Gypsy have some fun.