Sunday, April 10, 2016

Athletic Poodle

 This is the time of year when we can start taking Gypsy with us when we go sit outside and have lunch. Although is snowed yesterday...
The town we are in is a very popular destination for the major cities on the east coast and in the nice weather we usually have many visitors from out of town. More often than not we'll meet people that are not that familiar with Standard Poodles and they are surprised when I tell them how athletic Gypsy is.
 She loves to run. In any kind of weather. You can tell she loves the snow. We are fortunate that we live in an area surrounded with fields and we can let her off leash and let her go. She loves it.
 When she was younger she was an amazing jumper. I'd set up a jump I made and she would put on a show. She can't fly quite as high as she used to these days.
 When she is off leash, running she smiles.
She is getting a older

and showing signs of aging. Can't jump as high or run as fast. She even tires out more quickly on her walk. Even though she is slowing down, she enjoys every minute of play time.