Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dog Walk, Oxford

It's finally here. The day of the walk. I think this is the 4th annual for Gypsy.

First we had to go and register. As we came up to the booth, Gyp became more and more excited. Happy feet and doing the talking growl out of pure excitment.

At registration we got a great big bag of cool stuff. A frisbee, treats, and a few soft toys that she will destroy in short order.

The walk begins through town headed to the ferry landing.

Passing by the major shopping district in town.

We passed by Town Creek.

We ended up by the Ferry

Some of my new friends

Here is the ferry that goes across the Tred Avon River

Hugs the clown was there. He is kind of scarey..

They always have a big plant sale.

Big party in the park.

What a day! I'm bushed. Can't wait until the next dog walk.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dog Walk Morning

Gypsy is excited this morning as it is the day of her annual dog walk in the Town of Oxford. This event raises money for the local dog/cat rescue so Gyp is more than willing to support it. We'll fill you in later on the details of the walk. First, she has to decide on what to wear?
Gypsy's wardrobe

Have you ever seen a dog with more collars? She has different collars for the time of year. Flowers for spring, green for St Paddy's, red for Valentines, crab collar for summer, plus an assortment of Christmas collars. The snappy little bandannas are from past dog walks. She has more collars than I have shoes!
Hey, a girls gotta look good...

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Farm House Walk

Gypsy and I were walking the other morning, We were on the backside of our community and the sun was just rising and the mist was low over the fields. A very peaceful time of day. This is what we saw:
An old farm house and barn sitting in the early morning haze.
When I do get up early enough to walk Gyp in the morning this view makes it worth while. I mentioned this is on the BACK side of the community. This old farm house however used to be on the FRONT side of the community, behind our yard. When we moved in several years ago, the farm behind us had this great house sitting under some magnificent trees, a huge barn, several storage buildings scattered around, and a few smaller houses. I believe the smaller houses were for the help back in the day. It was great having this farm behind us although we knew it wouldn't last forever.
You can't stop progress!
The people that lived in one of the smaller houses had a rooster that would squawk not only in the morning, but throughout the day.
Stupid Rooster!
During the summer, in the evening, the men would come out and play horse shoes until the sun went down. Sandi would threaten to hop the fence and join in the game. They would alternate beans one year, corn the next. On the years they had the corn planted, our yard would get boxed in by this giant corn, blocking the view of the house, barn and everything else. We could still hear the stupid rooster and the clanking of the horse shoes. So although we were boxed in by corn, we knew everything was good on the farm.  One summer things got quiet. Some big equipment came in and they began to tear down the big old barn. Next the out buildings went along with the houses.
What happened to the Rooster?
The trees around the big old farm house went next, one by one. What a shame these trees had to go. Finally, the last remaining evidence that this was once a proud family farm was the old house. Thankfully they carefully picked the house up, put it on the back of a flat bed truck, and moved the house across the fields from the front of the property, to the back side of the community. Our neighbors lined their backyards watching as the truck, house perched behind it, went by at a snails pace. I'm happy they at least saved the old house. It sits now, for sale, and Gypsy and I pass it on our walks.
Yea, let's take a walk!
So now, on the front side of the neighborhood, where the family farm stood for generations, we now have a Golden Coral. We don't hear the farm equipment, rooster, or the clanging of horse shoes. We do hear the hustle and bustle of people arriving, ready to put on the old feed bag. And if the wind is blowing just right, we get the unmistakable aroma of searing steaks float through the yard.
Hey, what's that smell? I'm hungry!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lets take a Walk!

The thing that Gypsy likes to do more than anything else in the world is...taking a nice walk. When we brought her home, we started walking her around the neighborhood for everyone to see.
Can somebody tell me how pretty I am???
Even though she was a little thing, she had her tail straight up, head held high, and she king of pranced around the block. Sandi called it "high steppin." When she gets off the leash, she just walks normal but put her on a leash and she is "high steppin." She looks very elegant on her walks.

So this started years of walking with Gypsy around our little development. While we walk, just about every car that passes gives us waves and smiles. The crazy thing is that if I am out on my own taking a walk, not one wave? What does that tell you?
I have fans!

As we approach people outside I can hear them say, "here comes that poodle." Everyone knows Gypsy. This became very evident one day when I was getting, of all things, a colonoscopy! Strange, but true. So I'm on the table with the robe on waiting for the fun to begin. Most people say the night before the procedure is the worst part but I believe this stage of the game is the worst. You know what is about to take place but have no control over it. Anyway, I'm laying there with my backside up and in comes the nurse to administer the magic cocktail. She takes a look at me and says, "You have the most beautiful.....POODLE." Thank goodness that sentence ended with the word POODLE and not something else. It could have gotten much more awkward in there. She continues to say she lives in our neighborhood and sees us walking all the time. Her kids call me the "Poodle Guy."

I would say that Gypsy is the most walked dog in the neighborhood. We try to take a walk everyday and usually get one in but not always. The days we don't take a walk, even a short one, Gypsy gets a bit antsy. I feel like a bad dog owner on those days.
Hey, get up off your chair and take a walk with me Poodle Guy!

I'll continue to walk with Gypsy, getting some fresh air and a bit of exercise. It is our time together, doing something that she truly enjoys. You can see that walking makes her smile.

Monday, April 2, 2012

A Diva is born...

Did I tell you that originally the thought of getting a Standard Poodle was a bit of a stretch for me? I always thought they were a bit feminine if you know what I mean. What I needed was a Labrador. Maybe a Boxer. I picture Standards high stepping down the street with their well dressed owners prancing after them. OK, I have learned that Gypsy is a rough and tumble Poodle. I would however, have to put my foot down when it comes to dressing her up.
 Good luck with that one Dad....I'm a DIVA!

You can see how far I got with that. Actually this is the only piece of clothing she owns. Well except for the stylish red coat with the fuzzy black lining. You never know when bad weather might strike.  And if you look closely it is a Harley Davidson hat. That has to count for something right?