Saturday, April 14, 2012

Farm House Walk

Gypsy and I were walking the other morning, We were on the backside of our community and the sun was just rising and the mist was low over the fields. A very peaceful time of day. This is what we saw:
An old farm house and barn sitting in the early morning haze.
When I do get up early enough to walk Gyp in the morning this view makes it worth while. I mentioned this is on the BACK side of the community. This old farm house however used to be on the FRONT side of the community, behind our yard. When we moved in several years ago, the farm behind us had this great house sitting under some magnificent trees, a huge barn, several storage buildings scattered around, and a few smaller houses. I believe the smaller houses were for the help back in the day. It was great having this farm behind us although we knew it wouldn't last forever.
You can't stop progress!
The people that lived in one of the smaller houses had a rooster that would squawk not only in the morning, but throughout the day.
Stupid Rooster!
During the summer, in the evening, the men would come out and play horse shoes until the sun went down. Sandi would threaten to hop the fence and join in the game. They would alternate beans one year, corn the next. On the years they had the corn planted, our yard would get boxed in by this giant corn, blocking the view of the house, barn and everything else. We could still hear the stupid rooster and the clanking of the horse shoes. So although we were boxed in by corn, we knew everything was good on the farm.  One summer things got quiet. Some big equipment came in and they began to tear down the big old barn. Next the out buildings went along with the houses.
What happened to the Rooster?
The trees around the big old farm house went next, one by one. What a shame these trees had to go. Finally, the last remaining evidence that this was once a proud family farm was the old house. Thankfully they carefully picked the house up, put it on the back of a flat bed truck, and moved the house across the fields from the front of the property, to the back side of the community. Our neighbors lined their backyards watching as the truck, house perched behind it, went by at a snails pace. I'm happy they at least saved the old house. It sits now, for sale, and Gypsy and I pass it on our walks.
Yea, let's take a walk!
So now, on the front side of the neighborhood, where the family farm stood for generations, we now have a Golden Coral. We don't hear the farm equipment, rooster, or the clanging of horse shoes. We do hear the hustle and bustle of people arriving, ready to put on the old feed bag. And if the wind is blowing just right, we get the unmistakable aroma of searing steaks float through the yard.
Hey, what's that smell? I'm hungry!
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