Thursday, July 30, 2015

Chasing Bunnies

I've mentioned many times Gypsy is a hunter. She is always on alert, looking for birds or other fuzzy things to chase. That said, she rarely takes off while off leash. I've been pretty relaxed with her while I work around the yard. She follows me out in the front yard while I work or get the mail. She has never taken off until this past weekend. Twice in one day I might add. In the morning she took off after a bunny and just went a house or two down the street and quickly returned after Sandi let out an ear piercing whistle. We thought, wow, never saw that before. Then, that afternoon, she did the same thing but this time she chased the bunny all the way down the street. The bunny lost Gyp in some thick bushes. Sandi again let out a whistle (this girl can really whistle) and Gypsy came running back with a big smile on her face. I think that she was proud of herself for running off that rotten bunny. My neighbor was just coming down the street and was impressed that Gypsy almost caught that rabbit. When she came back, smiling from ear to ear, I tried to get mad at her but just couldn't bring myself to get to riled up.
I'll monitor the bunny population a bit more closely from here out. Given the right conditions though, I might just let Gypsy off her leash from time to time.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Patient Poodle

Every morning it's the same thing...

The cats have water bowls strategically placed all over the house. They have even been known to take a long drink right from the faucet. This, however, isn't good enough for them. In the morning Sandi or I fill Gypsy's bowl with fresh water. Usually prior to her getting a drink, the cats will take turns lapping up her water. Gyp just stands by patiently waiting her turn. Once they're done, she will take her turn.
Hey, save some for the fish!!!
She is a very patient poodle.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Plein Air Easton

 This past week was the annual Plein Air event in Easton. I'm told it's the largest of the Plein Air contests. Yesterday they had the quick draw contest. The artists had from 10 - 12:00 to paint something. Sandi, Gypsy and I met this guy above. It turns out he is a local guy, an art teacher in Easton. We peeked over his shoulder from time to time, checking out his progress. He just began his painting above.
Here the picture is coming along. I was like, where is he seeing these fish? Most of the artists paint the store fronts or other scenes around town.
Upon further investigation I saw he had brought his own fish to paint. He sprayed them with Fabreeze to keep the smell at bay. It was hot out.
At the end of the two hours they line them up along the street and are judged. They are also for sale. This little fishy portrait sold in a hurry. Not a bad days work for that guy.
We spent the entire day walking around. Gypsy had just gone to the groomer so she was strutting her stuff. She was exhausted by the time we got home.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Bandit!!

 This is the youngest of the cat's... Sushi. aka: Junior. 
He has added some spice to our environment for sure. The other day Sandi saw him tunnel into her purse and take off with two twenty dollar bills. She couldn't catch him as he went stealth. She searched the house, under chairs, behind book cases, in closets, and nothing. After a few days she found his stash, at the foot of a bed, buried under the covers of safe keeping. I'm now thinking about all the little things I thought I just "misplaced" over the last year and wonder what this little thief had to do with it.

Monday, July 13, 2015


Yesterday Sandi had her Bike Club party at the house. This is always a great time. For me it's unusual to see some of these people in something besides bike riding outfits. Oh, so that's what you really look like without a helmet.
Needless to say Gypsy loves to greet all attendees and allow each of them to pet and lavish her with compliments.
Hey, that's my job!!!
She had a great day and managed to get a hot dog out of the deal.
The proud parents.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


We have had a run of hot weather on the Shore. Gypsy has turned into a fan hog, plopping down right in front of it to get some relief.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

4th of July on the Eastern Shore

Happy Independence Day!!

The 4th is always a great day for me. Very relaxing on the eastern shore. Gypsy likes it because we generally stay home and hang out it the backyard. 

We started the day by paying a visit to our local farmers market. We have a vibrant market here in town and we take Gypsy for all to admire. 
I prance when I get there!!!
She does prance. We had a lady stop us this morning letting us know she see's Gypsy prancing all over town. 

Today we had to make it a quick trip. We have some friends coming over for a BBQ (if the weather holds up). We ran into a few friends while we were at the market, got a few things, and back home to prepare. 
I may break out her jump this afternoon and see if she can regain her jumping form. 
Yeah, bring that thing out!! I'm ready for it!!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Poodle Fund Raiser

Last week we attended a Fund Raiser for the YMCA to benefit the Heart of the Chesapeake bike ride that Sandi is helping organize. We outfitted Gypsy in her YMCA collar (yes, she has a YMCA collar) and off we went.
It was at this little brew pub. A great place for an event like this with good micro brew.
Hello, I don't like beer!!!
Water for the poodle please.
Gypsy had a big day, visiting with everyone. I just dropped her leash and she strolled around, spreading poodle love. I caught her a few times trying to work her way back into the kitchen.
Some Nachos would be great!!!
By the time we got home, she was exhausted.