Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tag Time

Here is a short video of Gypsy trying her best to get Sandi out into the yard. Gypsy runs the same pattern every time. Under the Crepe Myrtle (where Dino is laying) is home base.
No fair tagging me at home base!
She also hides behind the one pine tree as if she is invisible.

She is slowing up just a bit and can not run as many laps as she used to. After a round with Sandi, Gypsy has to lay out on the deck and take a nap.

Drama Relief

Hey, want to play?
Sandi and I have had an abundance of drama in our lives lately. We've had a death in the family, a death of a good friend, illness with family and friends, accidents, you name it. Hey, I'm not complaining, that's life and you have to handle it.
At least we have not had a Tsunami!
That would cap this autumn off for sure. Can we have those on the Chesapeake Bay?
I think dogs can sense when things get sideways. Gypsy is very tuned into our feelings and is very sensitive. What better way for us to get a bit of drama relief than to play with a poodle?
Go ahead, try to get Dino...make my day!
I think Gyp has been tuned into Sandi a bit more than usual lately. Gypsy knows that no matter how stressed Sandi is, she is always willing to play a game of tag.

She'll never find me behind this tree...
That's the thing with dogs and Gypsy in particular. No matter what is thrown our way, she will be there for us with a big smile on here face helping us get past the latest drama.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Road Trip...Cleveland

A few weeks ago my brother and I took a trip up to Cleveland for the weekend. We visited with my sister, brother in-law, and their daughter and her hubby. Just a quick weekend thing and so I decided to take Gypsy with me. She does great in the car, always has been willing and able to ride just about anywhere with us. Even if the destination is Cleveland. That poor city is the brunt of so many bad jokes. Mistake by the Lake...blah blah blah. Totally unjustified in my opinion.

Gypsy has been to my sister's house a few times and really enjoys herself. It was in my sisters yard where Gypsy discovered Chipmunks.

Gypsy on the prowl.
I don't know what she would do if she actually ever caught one. I think it would probably be a nice appetizer for her though. She will put her nose to the ground and sniff around all day long for the little varmints. They also have an abundance of deer around the house. Saturday morning I let her out first thing. Around 6am and she spotted a few deer in this field adjacent to their house. Off she went, like a flash, after the deer. Into the woods they went and I'm thinking "great I lost the stinking poodle." She came back after just a few minutes, huffing and puffing.
Those things are fast!
Every time I took her out after that morning, she would check out that field for deer.
My sister's daughter brought her dog along with them for the weekend.
Winnie, is a very cool dog and Gypsy and she got along great. Winnie looks like she would be one of those little dogs that are constantly barking and afraid to get their feet wet. She is totally the opposite of that. She and Gypsy hung out the entire weekend and Winnie did her best to keep up.
Saturday afternoon was one of those glorious early autumn days you get in Cleveland. Bright sunny sky with a nice breeze coming in off the lake. We hung around outside all day long and "the girls" also hung out. Gypsy showing Winnie the art of going on patrol. We had a fun time and it was great to be back home even for a weekend.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Where are the Blogs?

Ok, I know it is already October and I've been slacking on the blogging. This summer went by in a flash and now that it is autumn, I'll be sure to fill you in on everything that has been going on with our quirky poodle Gypsy. aka Smiley

But first, I thought I'd give a quick update on Rim who from here on out will be referred to as Ram since that is his name.

OMG I'm in North Carolina!!!
Recently we had to make a quick trip to NC. Without going into detail the circumstances were pretty depressing. We boarded Gypsy for the weekend, got the cat sitter lined up, and off we went. One of the highlights of the weekend was during a family get together at Sandi's CUZ's house we got to see Ram. There were about 25-30 people in the house when we got there and Ram was busy greeting everyone and on the look out for crumbs on the floor. As soon as we walked in he set sights on Sandi and greeted her with enthusiasm. He got up on his rear legs and placed his front paws on her shoulders. There was no doubt that he remembered her. The rest of the day I spotted Ram looking up and taking note of where Sandi was. He would sometimes go over to her and lean up against her like he used to do. He was happy to see me too but not like he was with Sandi. He brightened Sandi's otherwise bleak day. How do dogs do that?
To say that Ram is in a great, loving home is an understatement. Along with CUZ and her husband, Ram has two teenage boys at home he has to take care of. They adore him.
They recently entered Ram in a "TOUGH DOG" competition. Here he is in his tough guy groom complete with Mohawk and moustache. If I understood, he took the first place prize.
It was great to see him (and the rest of the family) and I now am 100% convinced that we did the right thing in getting Ram a new home.