Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dawg Days

 Yesterday was a hot one. We are in the summer weather pattern of hot days and possible storms in the late afternoon. We still try to spend as much time outside as possible. Gypsy usually will find a shade spot and take a snooze. Yesterday she plopped herself down under a chair for a break from the sun. We had already taken a long walk that morning so she slept much of the afternoon.
Later in the day, Sandi hosed her down to cool her off. This is an activity that Gypsy hates. She will lay down in the sun and lick herself like a cat to dry off. In all it was just a lazy summer day.
She did wake up long enough to play with Dino.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ram Update

Sandi took a short road trip to North Carolina to visit some family the other day. She was excited because as part of the trip she would spend time with her two cousins and get to see Ram for the first time since he went south.
Yuck, what's so special about that??
Prior to her trip we talked about Ram and if he would show any signs of remembering Sandi. I used to buy into the theory that dogs have short memories and will latch onto the person that gives them food. I think many dogs are like that for sure but others seem to have feelings and show their emotions. Gypsy for one is very emotional and shows her feelings all the time. When Ram (Rim) was with us she went into a funk and thus Ram is now in NC.  Sandi says that from the time she arrived, Ram was by her side. She felt that he clearly remembered her. They had a very nice visit. The three cousins carried on all night like school girls at a PJ party.
Pillow fight!
Ram with them the entire time.

To say that Ram is in a great home would be an understatement. He has woods with trails to roam, a creek to splash in, and a loving family that he adores. Ram has already completed his first round of therapy dog training. He was tops in his class. I always felt that he was a special dog. When Sandi left the next morning her cousin told her that Ram ran after her car for a short period. I guess he wasn't ready to say goodbye. We'll make many more trips to NC and make sure to see Ram as often as possible.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Party Poodle

This past weekend we hosted a Bike club party at our house. We had about 30 members over for some backyard fun and eats. Gypsy was the official greeter of the bike club. Normally when we have one or two friends over, she will bark and act like a lunatic for a few minutes and then settle down and just be obnoxious. Her go to move is to stick her face up on everyone's lap and trying to get as many pets as possible.
Hey, back off buddy! that's my job!
Gypsy was a great dog the day of the party. We had everyone bring lawn chairs over and we hung out all day long. She was very polite and greeted everyone like a little lady. She did show off her jumping skills to everyone. One of the guys got her to play fetch with Dino and she was really excited about that. Sandi mentioned how she and Gyp play tag and that it is next to impossible to catch her. Hearing that one of the guys tried his best to tag her to no avail.
I bet that guy woke up sore the next morning!
The only mishap of the day was when Gypsy caught a few of the guests helping themselves to her "Charley Bear" dog treats we had put out for people to give her.
Hey, those are my treats!
I meant to put a little sign on the bowl, oops.
Sunday, the three of us were wiped out. Gypsy slept the entire day from all the excitement of the party.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

More Gifts!

Another surprise package came in the mail the other day. How exciting is that! Came from Sandi's cousin, the new Mom of Rim aka: Ram. She sent some nice looking "Dog Gone Wine." I think we'll save the Poodle Pinot for a very special occasion. We have some neighbors that are crazy about their Pugs so we might open the Pug Pear wine with them. So thoughtful. Ram is in a great place and is very much loved and cared for. Sandi is headed to NC this week for a visit. I'll give everybody a report on Ram when she returns.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Road Trip

 Last weekend we decided to let the Bike Club ride without us. This is indeed a rare event for Sandi. Actually she had an excuse from a Doctor. So, we decided to at least travel over to St. Michael's to see them off and get a cup of coffee. Gypsy loves to ride with us. When the weather permits, we take her everywhere. Now that it's a bit warmer out, she has been grounded. She likes to stick her head out the window and search for little furry animals.
I know there is a Bunny out there somewhere!
It was really a beautiful morning.

On the way down we pass this big farm right on the River. It is one of our favorite farms in the area. The owner puts up very cool "yard art" during differant times of the year. Last Christmas he actually had a fighter Jet sitting out front with Santa caught in one of the engines. He has these horses out front now.
Hey, how did he get that Jet in his yard anyway?
Good question.
 St. Michaels is a very fun little town. Something is always going on. We saw the bike club off for their Sunday ride. And we head for the Inn at Perry Cabin.

 Gypsy was nice and relaxed, ready for a nice calm stroll around the grounds. We usually get coffee and sit out and look at the water. All of the above went down the drain when she saw a Bunny just as we pulled in.
Geez, this things are everywhere!

 That was all she needed to see and Gyp was on high alert the entire time at the Inn. It was a nice morning anyway. Surrounded by water with great views. You might recognize this place from the movie The Wedding Crashers. The reception scene was filmed here. We'll be back down there soon and hopefully we can avoid the Bunnies.


Saturday, June 15, 2013


A surprise came in the mail yesterday for Gypsy. A box came from our friend and poodle breeder in St Louis. This is the breeder that drove half way across the country to deliver Rim to us. Sandi mentioned to her that she will be traveling down to North Carolina to visit with Rim. (now know as Ram) So, she wanted to give Sandi a box of home made treats for Rim/Ram to split with Gypsy.

Once we spread them out on the table, it only took Gypsy a second to get a whiff of these delectable treats. Gypsy is well known as a picky eater but, she could not resist these treats.
Hey, this one has coconut in it!!!

Gypsy soon picked out the teat she wanted. These things look so good I might try one.
Go to to learn more about these treats.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Dog Smiles

The other day while on a bike ride, a friend of mine was telling me that between travels and hot weather, he had not been able to take his two dogs for a walk in several days. He continued to tell me that the previous night was nice so he grabbed the dogs and off they went on their walk. My friend said that several times during the walk his dogs would turn around and look and him with a big smile. As if to say thanks, this is the greatest. Gypsy has always given us big smiles. Ever since she was a puppy. Chances are, if you came to our house you would hear her called "Smiley" more than Gypsy. I guess dogs have emotions just like we do.
Gypsy has been a very happy dog lately. The other day we were out on the deck and that is one of her favorite things to do with us. Relax on the deck, check for birds, on the lookout for bunnies, and make sure we are accounted for. I just happened to take these pictures of her as she turned towards me. I think from the picture you can tell she is happy with a big smile on her face.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Girls Go Shopping

Last week Gypsy had her 8th birthday. I came home from work to learn that Sandi and Gypsy went shopping. I always hear that I'm the one that spoils the poodle but I'm beginning to wonder.

They made the trek down to our favorite pet shop, Flying Fred's. They have a very good selection of over priced things for dogs.

So many collars, so little time...
Of course, Gypsy heads straight for the collars. I switch her collars up all the time and I have a difficult time getting all of them in the rotation. Sandi says that Gyp has more collars than she has shoes. That is saying something. It usually doesn't take long for Gypsy (Sandi) to find the one that stands out. This time they were actually after something with crabs on it but could not find the right one. The girls made their way through this vast collection of collars with ease.

Can I have that one please???
After a few minor distractions from other dogs, Gypsy has the collar of her dreams picked out.

Can somebody tell me how pretty I am!
Bright pink with flowers, how cute is that? Plus, it is just the right width. We like the collar nice and thick. Can you tell I'm past the point of feeling less manly by walking a poodle let alone one with a bright pink collar?

 Does this collar make me look fat???

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Birthday Fun With Dino

I can't remember how many Dino's we've been through. A small fortune probably. She will play non-stop with Dino.

We've tried other toys, see KFC Chicken laying in the chair. They just don't do it for Gypsy.

Birthday Gal

Last week was a big one for Gypsy Gal. She had a birthday and turned 8 years old.
June 5th, mark your calendars!
She is doing great for 8 years old. Maybe getting a bit gray around the edges. She still loves to play tag with Sandi however I think Sandi can actually tag her now. She still loves to take a walk but not quite as far. She still loves it when we set up the jump in the backyard and she can show off for guests. And most of all she still likes to play with Dino. Her favorite toy of all time.
Dogs are great. Everyday when I come home Gypsy is happy to see me. She gets up from her bed and has happy feet as she greets me. Sandi tells her to settle down but Gypsy can't help herself. When we sit down to put on our shoes, no matter what the conditions are outside or what time of day, Gypsy will think we are going for a walk and spring to life. Smiling big. When we grab our keys she also will spring to life thinking we are going to run errands.
Road Trip!
When Sandi and I sit out in the yard, Gypsy will always get in between us somehow and settle in for a snooze. This is when she is most relaxed.
She is also still the quirkiest of Poodles. She has to keep an eye to the sky Birdin all the time.
Big black birds and small aircraft beware.
She goes on patrol in the backyard keeping us bunny free. Although this morning when I let her out there was a bunny smack dab in the middle of the yard, munching away. Gyp took off for it like she was shot out of a cannon. The bunny made a bee line for the wood pile. Gypsy just missed that fluffy white tail by inches.
Hummm, rabbit stew!
She is till a picky eater. She will eat if we tell her Chloe is going to get her food. She enjoys the company of the cats but, she just does not like to have another dog living with us. She still takes Dino to a special spot under a Crepe Myrtle as this is "home base." She has to lay her head on the bed every night for some end of the day petting before she turns in for the night.

I guess everyone believes they have the most special dog in the world.  That's the great thing about dogs. They get into your heart as a little puppy and become a huge part of your life.  Gypsy is certainly special to us and we are lucky to have her.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Birdin Again

Friday evenings are always welcome around our house. We sit outside and relax knowing we have the weekend to look forward to. Gypsy on the other hand is always on alert. Looking for those big black birds invading our air space. Last night was no exception as she had an eye to the sky.
Come on birdy, make my day!
We set up the jump for her to take her mind off Birdin...