Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ram Update

Sandi took a short road trip to North Carolina to visit some family the other day. She was excited because as part of the trip she would spend time with her two cousins and get to see Ram for the first time since he went south.
Yuck, what's so special about that??
Prior to her trip we talked about Ram and if he would show any signs of remembering Sandi. I used to buy into the theory that dogs have short memories and will latch onto the person that gives them food. I think many dogs are like that for sure but others seem to have feelings and show their emotions. Gypsy for one is very emotional and shows her feelings all the time. When Ram (Rim) was with us she went into a funk and thus Ram is now in NC.  Sandi says that from the time she arrived, Ram was by her side. She felt that he clearly remembered her. They had a very nice visit. The three cousins carried on all night like school girls at a PJ party.
Pillow fight!
Ram with them the entire time.

To say that Ram is in a great home would be an understatement. He has woods with trails to roam, a creek to splash in, and a loving family that he adores. Ram has already completed his first round of therapy dog training. He was tops in his class. I always felt that he was a special dog. When Sandi left the next morning her cousin told her that Ram ran after her car for a short period. I guess he wasn't ready to say goodbye. We'll make many more trips to NC and make sure to see Ram as often as possible.
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