Sunday, August 30, 2015

Poor Gypsy...again.

Still not on her game. She is drinking water. Just down in the dumps.

Moose the Office Assistant

While the other cats are running around the house, reeking mayhem and havoc, Moose can usually be found in the office taking care of business.

Poor Gypsy

Gypsy has not been feeling very good this weekend. Friday night we took her downtown after work and met half the population of our little town. She seemed fine Friday, meeting everyone and generally being the center of attention. One server did bring her out a small handful of roasted chicken followed up with a few strips of bacon. I wouldn't think that would upset her stomach. We usually order her a cheese burger off the kids menu.
I am keeping a close eye on her.

Monday, August 24, 2015

New Food (again)

OK, I've talked about Gypsy and her food eating habits in the past. She is the least food driven dog I've ever seen. In puppy class she used to spit out treats when I gave them to her.
You can't bribe me with stupid treats!!!
So much for positive reinforcement...

On top of not being food driven, she looks like a starving refugee when she has short hair. I think the most she has ever weighed is 40 lbs. When she was younger the doc always said she was in great shape and it was better than being overweight. Now the vet is asking us to try to get a few lbs on her.
When it comes to dog food, we've tried it all. High end, low end, home made, raw, you name it. She usually will seem enthusiastic about a new food at first but then cool off and just nibble. Some days she might only eat 1 - 2 cups at most.
We switched to Merrick puppy food a few weeks ago. Our thinking is that maybe the extra calories would help pack on the pounds. She seems to like it and has not turned her nose up to it yet. We mix the wet puppy food in with the dry sometimes.
I'll take her to the vet for a weigh in after a few weeks.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Lazy Poodle

 Sandi was out of town on a bike ride Sunday morning so Gypsy and I hung out on the deck waiting for her return. A warm late summer day on the shore.
Gypsy is sleeping much more these days. Especially on hot, late summer days like Sunday.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Lazy Sunday

Farmers Market Saturday

Road Trip!!!

I've mentioned several times that our little town has a vibrant Farmers Market. We go and walk the aisles with Gypsy checking out all the fresh veggies and fruit. But wait, there's more. Many of the local artists have booths set up. We have several pieces from a local photographer that focuses on wildlife. I think we're her best customer. We always see a variety of dogs.

Gypsy is always in the center of it all. Something about standard poodles that makes everybody want to pet them. Lately Gypsy has been more quirky than usual. She has always been excitable around other dogs but now she barks at them. Like the little guy in the photo above. They start off with a few sniffs, and then Gyp goes ballistic if he gets too close. I'm not sure what to do about this besides continuing to take her down there and meet as many other pooches as possible. Maybe it's an age thing? I know that I'm getting a bit more crotchety with age.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Cats Continued

A few cats relaxing on a Sunday morning.

Sleepy Cats

Sandi has been away this weekend, leaving me in charge of the cats. Joy...
When she is away, the cats just kind of find their spots and sleep. Way less playing, chasing, wrestling, and other crazy behavior from the felines. Virgil has decided that Gypsy's bed is the best place to hibernate until Mom gets home.


Friday evening, after the temperature dropped a few degrees, I took Gypsy on a stroll. I never noticed the balloons floating by until I heard the Whooshing sound. This weekend was the Great Chesapeake Balloon Festival in town.
I was shocked that Gypsy didn't go Birdin on these guys.