Thursday, January 28, 2016

Road Trip Time

 She has soulful eyes.

Her legs are getting long...not to mention the long tail. I'll check in after we meet her.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Road Trip For Prim!!!

Looks like the weather is going to cooperate for us this weekend. Gypsy, Sandi, and I are going to travel to Charleston, W. Va. to meet Linda with Crossbrook Standard Poodles and pick up Prim. We'll return with Prim and another pup that is going to be dropped off in the DC area. We're getting excited.
Speak for yourself!!!
Here she is getting checked out at the Vet. They grow so fast. I have a hard time remembering Gypsy when she was so tiny. Sandi is going to focus on Prim, taking her to work, walking, and generally being Prim's person. My focus is going to be on keeping my quirky old lady Gypsy happy. We will see how it works out.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Cats Like It Too

 The Cats like it when it snows just about as much as Gypsy. The birds swarm around the feeders giving the cats lots to look at. The birds also fly up under our deck roof to get out of the wind giving the cats up close and personal views.
Sometimes Gyp will hangout, taking in the sights.
I need to refill the feeders.

Gypsy Loves the Snow

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Still Snowing

OMG Snow!!!

They projected this storm about a week or so ago. The long range models showed that we could have a mega storm, rivaling the largest ever in the Washington DC area. I have to say that they were correct. Started snowing yesterday (Friday) around 2:00 PM and it has not stopped. We have had blizzard conditions for most of the night and it continues to snow.
You know you're in trouble with the Weather Channel's Jim Cantore comes to town!!!
That is right Gyp, ole Jim is having a field day over in DC.
Gypsy loves the snow...
We took a walk around the neighborhood this morning. She jumps, dives, and runs through the snow. Although she slows down much quicker now that in years past. We will get a fire going and enjoy the day from inside. I have several neighbors with snow blowers and hoping for the best.
Hello, a little snow blower love for us guys!!!
Check out our featured post "Snow Day" from about a year ago.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Prim on Pause

This coming weekend we were going to drive west to Charleston, West Va. to meet "Cross Brook Poodles" to pick up Prim. Is she not a cutie??? Cross Brook is driving from the St Louis area and she would rather drive then ship the pups. This is just flat out a fantastic breeder. Sandi has been beside herself excited and I too was looking forward to a road trip with Gypsy, driving into the mountains and meeting Prim for the first time. Only one thing could stop us, a Blizzard. Unfortunately, we are going to have one this weekend. Talk about timing. So we are going to push everything back a week and hope for the best. The local forecasters are talking about "feet" of snow. Our thoughtful breeder was nice enough to send us some pictures of our baby though.
Cross Brook had some snow today and Prim got to check it out.
Prim is dressed to the nines isn't she??? It almost looks like she has white boots on.
After all that play time in the snow, a nap is definitely needed.

Sandi and I are bummed out that we had to push the Prim pick up back a week but, on the positive side we'll have a long, snowy weekend with only Gypsy. I think I'm going to spoil her...

Monday, January 18, 2016

Belly Boy

Yep, this is my Belly Boy, Moose. I'd say Moose is very happy in his own skin. No inhibitions with him no sir. First thing in the morning he likes to get his belly rubbed and will not give up until he gets his fair share of rubs. And he has a very ample belly to rub too.
Loosing Chloe was difficult but it allowed Moose to become a much happier guy.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Prim Countdown

This time next week we'll have Prim with us. We're driving west, meeting Cross Brook Poodles half way, and making the pickup. We will bring another pup back with Prim dropping off somewhere in the DC area. So, Gypsy will have an interesting ride back. I think Prim is looking like a Springer Spaniel.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Sunday Play Time

While Sunday started out soggy, it ended up sunny and very windy. We managed to hangout in the backyard with Gypsy. It was so windy that it dried it up enough to play with Dino. This has been Gpy's favorite toy from day one. I've talked about Dino many times on this blog but I have to tell you, Gypsy really likes to play with Dino. A few years ago we went to purchase a replacement Dino and shocker, we couldn't find one anywhere. Not a Dino is sight. After some quick investigation work, we found a source on the internet and purchased a good supply of replacement Dino's. Well, we have one left up high on the shelf so Gypsy can't see it.
I might have to start looking for more replacements.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Soggy Sunday

Just about one year ago we had snow! Gypsy loves the snow. She dives through the drifts, dipping her nose in for fun.
Today the forecast is from rain and temps in the 60's? We are having a crazy winter so far.
Bring on the snow!!!

Monday, January 4, 2016


I thought this was a good looking sunset tonight. We had a few snow flakes fall today. Gypsy loves the snow.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sunny Sunday

It seems that it has been cloudy, foggy, and just dreary for the last several weeks. The sun finally came out yesterday. Chloe was the queen of the sun spots. She would start out the day finding the first sun spot as it came in the front window. She would then make her way around the house, lounging in the sunny warmth.

This morning I was happy to see Stormi (aka: Pretti) assumed the position that normally would have been filled by Chloe.
Sushi (aka: Junior) was nearby waiting for his turn.

Meet Prim

OK, here she is....Prim. Cute huh? This little girl is coming to us from Cross Brook Standard Poodles. We get her in about three weeks.
I have to admit that this is more a Sandi thing than me. We tried a second poodle with Rim and it didn't work out so well. Gypsy was not into Rim in the least. He was a big, playful guy and he liked to play rough on occasion and Gyp isn't into that. He is living the good life with Sandi's cuz in North Caroline and is a fantastic dog. So, I kind of drug my feet on this at first but now I'm all in.
Sandi has a friend that breeds Standards. She does a fantastic job and has a female named Violet that we always thought was beautiful. This was Violets last litter. Take a look at the web site to check out all the puppies. Prim looks like a puppy with an attitude if you ask me.
I think we learned a few things since we had Rim and are much better equipped for a second dog. I think Gypsy will do just fine this time around and will benefit from having a playmate.
This exciting news for us and I look forward to keeping you posted on this sassy pup.

OH brother, not again

Friday, January 1, 2016

New Years Day

It's finally cold enough for Gypsy to sport her new coat.
Happy New Year!!!