Monday, January 11, 2016

Sunday Play Time

While Sunday started out soggy, it ended up sunny and very windy. We managed to hangout in the backyard with Gypsy. It was so windy that it dried it up enough to play with Dino. This has been Gpy's favorite toy from day one. I've talked about Dino many times on this blog but I have to tell you, Gypsy really likes to play with Dino. A few years ago we went to purchase a replacement Dino and shocker, we couldn't find one anywhere. Not a Dino is sight. After some quick investigation work, we found a source on the internet and purchased a good supply of replacement Dino's. Well, we have one left up high on the shelf so Gypsy can't see it.
I might have to start looking for more replacements.

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