Sunday, January 3, 2016

Meet Prim

OK, here she is....Prim. Cute huh? This little girl is coming to us from Cross Brook Standard Poodles. We get her in about three weeks.
I have to admit that this is more a Sandi thing than me. We tried a second poodle with Rim and it didn't work out so well. Gypsy was not into Rim in the least. He was a big, playful guy and he liked to play rough on occasion and Gyp isn't into that. He is living the good life with Sandi's cuz in North Caroline and is a fantastic dog. So, I kind of drug my feet on this at first but now I'm all in.
Sandi has a friend that breeds Standards. She does a fantastic job and has a female named Violet that we always thought was beautiful. This was Violets last litter. Take a look at the web site to check out all the puppies. Prim looks like a puppy with an attitude if you ask me.
I think we learned a few things since we had Rim and are much better equipped for a second dog. I think Gypsy will do just fine this time around and will benefit from having a playmate.
This exciting news for us and I look forward to keeping you posted on this sassy pup.

OH brother, not again
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