Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Prim on Pause

This coming weekend we were going to drive west to Charleston, West Va. to meet "Cross Brook Poodles" to pick up Prim. Is she not a cutie??? Cross Brook is driving from the St Louis area and she would rather drive then ship the pups. This is just flat out a fantastic breeder. Sandi has been beside herself excited and I too was looking forward to a road trip with Gypsy, driving into the mountains and meeting Prim for the first time. Only one thing could stop us, a Blizzard. Unfortunately, we are going to have one this weekend. Talk about timing. So we are going to push everything back a week and hope for the best. The local forecasters are talking about "feet" of snow. Our thoughtful breeder was nice enough to send us some pictures of our baby though.
Cross Brook had some snow today and Prim got to check it out.
Prim is dressed to the nines isn't she??? It almost looks like she has white boots on.
After all that play time in the snow, a nap is definitely needed.

Sandi and I are bummed out that we had to push the Prim pick up back a week but, on the positive side we'll have a long, snowy weekend with only Gypsy. I think I'm going to spoil her...
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