Saturday, January 23, 2016

OMG Snow!!!

They projected this storm about a week or so ago. The long range models showed that we could have a mega storm, rivaling the largest ever in the Washington DC area. I have to say that they were correct. Started snowing yesterday (Friday) around 2:00 PM and it has not stopped. We have had blizzard conditions for most of the night and it continues to snow.
You know you're in trouble with the Weather Channel's Jim Cantore comes to town!!!
That is right Gyp, ole Jim is having a field day over in DC.
Gypsy loves the snow...
We took a walk around the neighborhood this morning. She jumps, dives, and runs through the snow. Although she slows down much quicker now that in years past. We will get a fire going and enjoy the day from inside. I have several neighbors with snow blowers and hoping for the best.
Hello, a little snow blower love for us guys!!!
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