Sunday, February 9, 2014

Goose Drive By

Today we took Gypsy to the field again. Being Sunday we felt it was free from hunters. I had Gypsy's red coat on her just in case we had a stray hunter out there. Gypsy has discovered goose poop.
Hello it's goose pâté!!!
What ever it is there is plenty of it out there. Here is a short video of her doing a drive by. I'm sure this is in some way goose cruelty. By the time we got home she was a muddy mess but still smiling.
It sure was worth it...
Yep, she had a big time.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

More Shots

When I came back from the walk with Gypsy, we found Suede up taking a snooze. This is the most comfortable I've seen him in a few weeks. The shots are apparently working and he is due more shots today.

Walking on Saturday

Saturday morning is walk time for Gypsy. I walk her during the week too but Saturday we try to take our time and enjoy it a bit more. We usually see neighbors and other dogs on our Saturday walks but this morning was cold and everyone was inside. I had planned to take her over to the field and let her run thinking hunting season was over. Sandi heard some gun shots and we discovered it is "youth" hunting season. Adults are barred from hunting but our youth can load up and let the buck shot fly. So we had to avoid the field this morning as the Jr. Duck Dynasty guys were shooting anything that moved.
As we came up to the field the geese were coming in.

Gypsy loves to run towards the geese, getting them all upset at her. They squawk and fly a few feet away and then go about their business as usual. I was tempted to let Gypsy do her thing hoping she would get them moving out of the field away from danger but thought better not. Nothing worse than an upset Jr. Duck Dynasty Dude hold a grudge towards a poodle.


Update on Suede (aka: Captain America)
He has seen the Vet more over the last few weeks more than I've seen a Doctor over the last 5 years. But, I suppose that is a big part of taking on the responsibility of pet ownership? You need to take care of these guys when they are not 100% right. That said, does anyone know if Obama Care applies to cats??? I have no idea of what this is costing and I don't want to know.
He has had tests and shots and poking and prodding. Sandi is running him back and forth for allergy shots now and over the last few days we are seeing an improvement.  He is up and moving around more and following us around the house like a shadow. It will take some time for his fur to grow back in I guess but that is OK. He doesn't look very good but we can tell he is feeling better.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Field Day

This morning Gypsy and I had a "field day." We have these big farming fields behind our neighborhood that we walk by all the time. Since it is after hunting season Sandi suggested we let Gypsy off leash and let her do her thing. One of the very first things we did with Gypsy as a puppy was to take her hiking. We could tell way back then that she was crazy happy running in the field, off leash, sniffing everything.  She takes off like a rocket when I take her leash off. At first I was thinking "great we lost the darn dog." She always turns around and checks to make sure we are there. Sandi would hide behind trees and Gypsy would come running back to us looking for her.

Here we are just arriving in the field and I take her off leash. ZOOM...she is still pretty fast.

Look at the smile on her face. She is having a great time. How can this not be a great thing for her? After about an hour we walked home. She kept looking up at me smiling like she was thanking me. We will make sure to have Field Days more often.

Photo Shoot

I wish it was warm!!!
We are very fortunate to have a fantastic farmers market in our little town. During the warm months it is open with all the veggies and fruits you would ever want. It has grown into the place to be on Saturday mornings. In addition to the yummy food, local artists are setting up stands to peddle their talents. I take Gypsy down on Saturday mornings to walk around and buy a few things. There is usually an abundance of dogs there and it is great socialization for Gyp.
Everybody there thinks I'm beautiful!!!
Yes they do.

A few years ago Sandi, Gypsy and I were there walking around and stopped by a booth containing beautiful nature photographs. This one of a Cardinal stood out to me as a possible Christmas gift for Sandi's Mom. She was crazy about Cardinals. Sandi and the artist talked for a long time and we ended up purchasing the photo for a gift. Sandi's Mom loved it. That is how we were introduced to:

That was a few years ago. We recently reconnected at the farmers market and ended up purchasing a few pieces for our own home. During the process, Donna (the artist) came into our home a few times to help make suggestions on frames and size. Fortunately she is a cat person and took many, many photos of our cats. She actually has them on her web page. Just go to Gallery and check out the FELINE section. She made this rag tag group of cats look pretty good.
Hello, I don't see any POODLE photos???