Saturday, February 8, 2014

Walking on Saturday

Saturday morning is walk time for Gypsy. I walk her during the week too but Saturday we try to take our time and enjoy it a bit more. We usually see neighbors and other dogs on our Saturday walks but this morning was cold and everyone was inside. I had planned to take her over to the field and let her run thinking hunting season was over. Sandi heard some gun shots and we discovered it is "youth" hunting season. Adults are barred from hunting but our youth can load up and let the buck shot fly. So we had to avoid the field this morning as the Jr. Duck Dynasty guys were shooting anything that moved.
As we came up to the field the geese were coming in.

Gypsy loves to run towards the geese, getting them all upset at her. They squawk and fly a few feet away and then go about their business as usual. I was tempted to let Gypsy do her thing hoping she would get them moving out of the field away from danger but thought better not. Nothing worse than an upset Jr. Duck Dynasty Dude hold a grudge towards a poodle.
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