Saturday, February 1, 2014

Photo Shoot

I wish it was warm!!!
We are very fortunate to have a fantastic farmers market in our little town. During the warm months it is open with all the veggies and fruits you would ever want. It has grown into the place to be on Saturday mornings. In addition to the yummy food, local artists are setting up stands to peddle their talents. I take Gypsy down on Saturday mornings to walk around and buy a few things. There is usually an abundance of dogs there and it is great socialization for Gyp.
Everybody there thinks I'm beautiful!!!
Yes they do.

A few years ago Sandi, Gypsy and I were there walking around and stopped by a booth containing beautiful nature photographs. This one of a Cardinal stood out to me as a possible Christmas gift for Sandi's Mom. She was crazy about Cardinals. Sandi and the artist talked for a long time and we ended up purchasing the photo for a gift. Sandi's Mom loved it. That is how we were introduced to:

That was a few years ago. We recently reconnected at the farmers market and ended up purchasing a few pieces for our own home. During the process, Donna (the artist) came into our home a few times to help make suggestions on frames and size. Fortunately she is a cat person and took many, many photos of our cats. She actually has them on her web page. Just go to Gallery and check out the FELINE section. She made this rag tag group of cats look pretty good.
Hello, I don't see any POODLE photos???
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