Saturday, January 25, 2014

More Feline Drama

Suede has continued to have some kind of reaction to something in our house. We had our vet check him for allergies and he is about allergic to everything. She said she had never seen the numbers that this guy has. Strange because when we brought him home he didn't have a thing wrong with him. That could be because he had been living in a "cattery" for who knows how long. So he wasn't exposed to wood fires (we have many) carpet, furniture, and all the other things he is now exposed to.
At least he isn't allergic to me!!!
This is true, Standard Poodles are great for people with allergies.
He is loosing his fur in several spots and is just very uncomfortable. He has had several steroid shots and that seems to help briefly but over the long run they are not the solution. The vet is making up an allergy shot for him and hopefully that will do the trick. For the weekend he is staying at the vet's in an effort to get him feeling better. It's strange not having him around. He became part of the family so quick we all miss him.
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