Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Winter Storm JANUS

Since when did we start naming winter storms? Seems like it is all part of the Weather Chanel hype to me. They talked about the coming of JANUS for a few days, whipping everyone into a frenzy. The grocery stores were crazy with people stocking up for the storm. Toilet paper was in high demand.
Jim Cantore from the Weather channel actually arrived in DC a few hours before the snow began to fall. When he shows up in your town you can expect the worse. Well, JANUS didn't live up to expectations. Much to Sandi's dismay. We did get 4-5 inches of snow but not the 10" plus they were forecasting. They even warned us that we would have near blizzard conditions.
While Sandi and I are a bit bummed over not getting as much snow as they thought we would, Gypsy is happy with what we did get. She jumped out the back door and did the twist in the air, trying to lure me into a game of tag. Sorry Gyp, it's a bit cold for me.
 Come on light weight!!! Catch me if you can!!!
One thing they did get correct in the forecast was the cold temps. It is so cold that Gypsy only wants to play in the snow briefly and then heads back to the garage to warm up.
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