Saturday, January 18, 2014

Poodle Day

I have to admit that Stormi winning the "pet of the year" award last week created some turmoil in the house. Sandi made a strong case why each of her cats were deserving of the coveted award. She made good arguments for each but I stand by my decision. Gypsy, on the other hand, needed some TLC after loosing out to a cat.
I still can't believe I lost!!!
Maybe next year gal.

What better way to help Gypsy get over her loss than to have a "poodle day." These are days that we spend outside almost all day long. We hang out on the deck or patio and Gypsy is with us all day long. Most importantly, she is with us without cats. Chloe is the only cat allowed outside and only on the deck. She is too fat to squeeze between the posts on the railing to hop off and escape. During the nice weather we are basically outside almost everyday but when winter comes we are trapped inside. This year has been wet and cold  and we've not been out much. After a few weeks of hunkering down inside we all get pretty antsy. Last weekend was a bit warmer and sunny so we headed outside for the day.
Poodle Day!!!

It was so nice out we decided to break out the charcoal grill and cook something. We are in the middle of oyster country here and Sandi is nuts about them. I like oysters too. We've been getting into roasting them on the grill. It takes a little longer but the charcoal gives them a hint of smokiness. Very tasty indeed.

Gypsy used to turn her nose up at oysters. In a previous post I had pictures of Rim devouring oysters. Of course he would devour just about anything you set in front of him. This time around Gypsy ate a few oysters with gusto. She also liked chewing on a shell or two.

One of the things Gypsy does when we are out is keep our air space free from intruders. That includes all big black birds and an occasional Cessna. She started this "Birding" a few years ago and I've talked about it before. It never fails that when we are out with her she will look to the skies and chase off all intruders.
Strange behavior for a Poodle that is going to be 9 years old this June. She had a great day and we are all looking forward to warmer weather.
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