Sunday, January 5, 2014


Yes the Holiday season came and went. It was a different holiday for Sandi and I. First off each of us recently lost our Mom so that was strange to begin with. Then, Sandi had Rotor Cuff surgery a few days prior to Thanksgiving. The first several days she was on pain meds so, she was in a daze. The biggest problem was she had difficulty getting comfortable enough to sleep. Hardly any sleep at all for the first week or so. Finally, right before Christmas she started to feel a bit more normal and then, she came down with either a wicked bad cold or Bronchitis. She couldn't sleep again because of the coughing. We went to the "Doc in the Box" it was so bad. They said it was Bronchitis but we aren't so sure about that. Anyway, it was a bad cough and they gave her some serious meds. She was basically in a daze through the New Year. Of course this meant more cat box duty for yours truly.

We began giving Gypsy a doggie downer a few times a day. After talking to the vet we decided it might be something that would take the edge off and make her a happier dog. We are only giving her 1/2 pill a few times a day. Not nearly what they prescribed for her. I can definitely see a difference in the way she is acting. Nothing dramatic but a bit more relaxed. She is still on alert while we are walking. Looking out for bunnies or squirrels. One thing that has changed is she is eating much better. (knock on wood) I was making her food from scratch and as she typically does, she started to turn her nose up at it. I was concerned that she wasn't getting the nutrients from what I made anyway. So, se decided to just get a runoff the mill dog food. We tried many of the high end foods and she was not that crazy about any of those. Sandi came home with a Purina Pro Plan kibble and she is devouring it. Maybe it's the drugs?
We did have some snow the other day. I guess we had about 4 inches or so. Gypsy jumped into the snow and went on a search for Dino and her bone. She found them both and checks on each of them every time I put her out.

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