Sunday, January 29, 2017


The weather folks are forecasting snow later today through Monday. We always enjoy a good snow. Particularly on a weekend when we can sit back and enjoy a fire with the cats and dogs.

Gypsy has always liked playing in the snow. We have wooded areas and wide open fields she can run through. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Red In The Beginning

 After we weighed Red the other day, seeing he was 23 lbs, it made me think of what a little thing he was when we first picked him up. Here he was tiny but taking control of Dino.
Gypsy isn't very keen on other dogs being close to her when she sleeps. (or walking, eating, sitting....)
Hey, I need my space!!!
Yep, we all need our space. From the beginning she really didn't mind if Red hung out with her. She still has her moments when she wants to be alone and Red respects that.
He was a tiny little thing but has had a huge personality from the beginning.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Warm Up

We have had a relatively mild winter here on the Eastern Shore. A few cold snaps but mild for the most part. We keep the fire place lit when it's cold out. All the animals and humans in the house love it. Moose in particular enjoys a good fire. He generally will stay on the second level of the house, out of the way from most of the activity. A good hot fire (or treats) will lure him down.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Weigh In

The other day we took Gypsy to the Vet for a quick check up. She is getting older and slowing down a bit but otherwise in great physical health. Her mental health is another story. She seems to be getting more anxious as she ages. She'll stand and stare off into space for minutes until we get her attention. She really hates to be alone or without us.
Maybe I need medical marijuana???
Who knows? that might help. She has been eating better since Red arrived. By better I mean maybe two cups a day. I was worried she was loosing weight. You can feel every bone in her body. She weighed in at 37 lbs. That has been her weight for the last several years. We've tried everything possible to put a few pounds on her with no success.

We took Red along with us to the Vet to get his weight. This little boy is a different story. Can't feel a bone on him. He is a good eater to say the least. He came in at a whopping 23 lbs! That is on the heavy side for the breed.
Hey, I'm just big boned!!!
He gets plenty of exercise every day. We'll have to scale back the amount of food we give him. Plus it has been cold and wet so we have not been able to play outside like we usually do. We'll monitor his weight as there is nothing worse than a fat Cavalier.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


 Now, I'm not ready to say that Gypsy is head over heels crazy for Red. That would be a reach. She is still really quirky and wants things on her terms. That said, she likes having Red around and I see things happening with her. She is eating better and will actually relax while she is outside with him. For s short time anyway...
We were concerned that Gypsy's quirkiness would rub off on Red. I don't see that happening and hopefully Red is helping Gypsy relax.

Sunday, January 15, 2017


One thing we make sure to do with the dogs is to give them regular walks. Gypsy has always loved walking. Now that she is a bit older, I've cut back on the distance. She still loves  it, prances like she is a model, and keeps an eye out for other furry things. She has slowed down some though.
What do you expect? I'm pushing 12!

Sandi started walking Red early on and he is quickly becoming a regular in the neighborhood. This morning I took them both out and we walked about 3 miles. legs are like 5 inches long! Are you trying to kill me???
Red does well on a leash. His biggest problem is he picks up every acorn along the way.
Acorns are paleo plus a good source of fiber!!!
The one thing Red does not need is extra fiber.

A walked dog is a happy dog.

Saturday, January 14, 2017


OK, what can I say about Red? aka: Big Red. 

Years ago I had a Springer Spaniel that was great dog. When my daughters were babies I had a Cocker Spaniel so I've had a few Spaniel type dogs in my past and really liked their personality. We have come across Cavalier King Charles Spaniels a few times in town. We met several of them at our annual Water Fowl Festival that usually turns into a dog show. Everyone brings their dog to the festival. We ran into a few Cavaliers and each and everyone we met was so happy, friendly, and sweet. Sandi fell in love with the breed. I never had a toy size dog and really didn't think I would like having a little dog running around. Nothing worse than a yippee little dog.
We discussed having another dog many times and tried but it just never worked out with Gypsy. She went into a state of depression when we had Rim. She didn't like all the rough house playing puppies want to do. So we thought maybe having a smaller dog would work. Sandi did all the leg work, checking out breeders and we came across Red.

He has been everything we wished for. While this is a toy breed, they act like a big dog. Not at all yippee. He is very confident. Not shy and will go everywhere with us without a problem. He is very sweet, impossible to get mad at him. He loves to play fetch, and run in the yard. Very good on the leash and loves walking. Although he tries to eat everything he sees on the ground. He was easily house broken and for the most part leaves the cats alone. (with the exception of Poke, his BFF) Sandi is doing the Positive Reinforcement clicker training with him. He catches on to everything very quickly and will do anything for a treat.

Most importantly, Gypsy likes having him around. She will initiate play time in the backyard with him. She runs laps and Red tries to cut her off at the pass. Red was quick to figure out that Dino was Gypsy's favorite toy. He runs out into the yard, bringing Dino up on the deck. Gypsy, not liking her toys on the deck, will take Dino back out to the yard. She is also eating better with Red being around so that is a bonus. Red has blended into our family with ease.
Gypsy Gal and Big Red

Monday, January 9, 2017

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Snow Day Saturday

 The forecasters talked all week about winter storm Iris. They mostly were saying it would hit the south hard and that we on the eastern shore would not feel her wrath. They predicted a dusting or so. I'm still not into this naming the winter storm thing. The storm tracked north and we ended up with a good six inches. It started snowing Saturday morning and snowed all day. Perfect timing. Gypsy loves the snow. She always has. This was Red's first snow and we couldn't keep him inside. They played hard.
 We stayed home all day, with a fire burning. Both Red and Gypsy hung out in front of the fire to warm up after a round of outside playing.

Sandi spotted this hawk sitting in the bird feeder tree. We knew something was going on because we've been lacking birds at the feeders. This was a beautiful bird and one of the largest I've seen. He seems to patrol the back fence line of the neighborhood. As soon as he left, the little birds came back.
I kept the sweater on Gypsy all day. Being so thin I think she might be more likely to catch a cold. Plus I think she likes it.
I still like a good snow storm, especially on a Saturday afternoon with the pooches.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Gypsy Update

Despite the fact that we have an adorable Cavalier puppy running around, this blog will continue to be about Gypsy. I thought I'd give you a quick update on my quirky Standard Poodle.

Gyp is pushing 12 years old. (June) So I guess she is getting to be a senior citizen?

She still has a puppy face, and smiles all the time.

She still likes to keep an eye out for bunnies or squirrels. The trees in the back of our yard are now large enough that we have a squirrel population. They run back and forth on our fence, driving Gypsy crazy.

She still keeps our air space free from big black birds or 747's cruising at 37,000 feet. This skill she is teaching to Red.

She is getting a bit more gray around the edges.

She has always been thin. I think maybe once or twice I got her to weigh 40 lbs. I've not weighed her in awhile but I think she is loosing weight. She is eating pretty good since Red arrived, just not putting any weight on. You can feel every bone in her body under all that hair.

She loves to play tag with Red in the back yard. She is still fast but has lost a step. She takes a spill from time to time on tight corners and will limp over to me head down as if to say "How'd that happen?"

She still loves taking a walk, although we don't go as far or power walk with her. A stroll around the block is all. I let her sniff all she wants and she likes that being the hunter she is.

She still loves an oyster roast.

She has been good medically. Over the last year or so she has had a few episodes where she wakes up in pain, whimpering. She stands up, head down, hunched over and kind of twisted. She walks in circles and seems to be in pain when laying down. I started rubbing her head when this happens and that seems to help. Talked to our vet about this and we're not sure what is going on.

She still is by my side if I'm home. If I'm sitting she is in her bed next to me or will stand with her head in my lap. When I'm snoozing, she is also in her bed, next to mine.

She still loves a good snow! We are getting our first good snow of the year today. We'll go out to play, introducing Red to snow for the first time. I'm sure Gypsy will show Red the ropes on snow time.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Wednesday Pictures

 Red came to us when it was still warm outside. He quickly learned that he'd cool off if laying in the garden grass. How could you ever get mad at him?
Gypsy still enjoys laying around at "home base." She has been in this spot, under a Crepe Myrtle since she was a pup.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year

How about that? 2017 is here. Hard to believe (Cliche I know)
Anyway, you can see it has been about 6 months since I last blogged. Quite a break from the world of blogging. Going into the new year I will try to post something about our world a few times a week. Over the last few months we did have a major event....
Red came to us a few months ago. Sandi has always wanted a Cavalier. Everyone we came across in the past has been happy, well adjusted little dogs. Red is all of that. He just turned 8 months old. Weighing in at about 20 lbs. He has a big personality and has been pretty much hassle free.

Most importantly, Gypsy is OK with having him around. They play together, with Gypsy initiating the play sometimes. Red isn't as rough as a larger puppy so Gypsy has no problem with him. 
I'll get you up to date on the status of Gypsy later in the week. 

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