Saturday, January 14, 2017


OK, what can I say about Red? aka: Big Red. 

Years ago I had a Springer Spaniel that was great dog. When my daughters were babies I had a Cocker Spaniel so I've had a few Spaniel type dogs in my past and really liked their personality. We have come across Cavalier King Charles Spaniels a few times in town. We met several of them at our annual Water Fowl Festival that usually turns into a dog show. Everyone brings their dog to the festival. We ran into a few Cavaliers and each and everyone we met was so happy, friendly, and sweet. Sandi fell in love with the breed. I never had a toy size dog and really didn't think I would like having a little dog running around. Nothing worse than a yippee little dog.
We discussed having another dog many times and tried but it just never worked out with Gypsy. She went into a state of depression when we had Rim. She didn't like all the rough house playing puppies want to do. So we thought maybe having a smaller dog would work. Sandi did all the leg work, checking out breeders and we came across Red.

He has been everything we wished for. While this is a toy breed, they act like a big dog. Not at all yippee. He is very confident. Not shy and will go everywhere with us without a problem. He is very sweet, impossible to get mad at him. He loves to play fetch, and run in the yard. Very good on the leash and loves walking. Although he tries to eat everything he sees on the ground. He was easily house broken and for the most part leaves the cats alone. (with the exception of Poke, his BFF) Sandi is doing the Positive Reinforcement clicker training with him. He catches on to everything very quickly and will do anything for a treat.

Most importantly, Gypsy likes having him around. She will initiate play time in the backyard with him. She runs laps and Red tries to cut her off at the pass. Red was quick to figure out that Dino was Gypsy's favorite toy. He runs out into the yard, bringing Dino up on the deck. Gypsy, not liking her toys on the deck, will take Dino back out to the yard. She is also eating better with Red being around so that is a bonus. Red has blended into our family with ease.
Gypsy Gal and Big Red
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