Sunday, January 15, 2017


One thing we make sure to do with the dogs is to give them regular walks. Gypsy has always loved walking. Now that she is a bit older, I've cut back on the distance. She still loves  it, prances like she is a model, and keeps an eye out for other furry things. She has slowed down some though.
What do you expect? I'm pushing 12!

Sandi started walking Red early on and he is quickly becoming a regular in the neighborhood. This morning I took them both out and we walked about 3 miles. legs are like 5 inches long! Are you trying to kill me???
Red does well on a leash. His biggest problem is he picks up every acorn along the way.
Acorns are paleo plus a good source of fiber!!!
The one thing Red does not need is extra fiber.

A walked dog is a happy dog.

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