Sunday, January 8, 2017

Snow Day Saturday

 The forecasters talked all week about winter storm Iris. They mostly were saying it would hit the south hard and that we on the eastern shore would not feel her wrath. They predicted a dusting or so. I'm still not into this naming the winter storm thing. The storm tracked north and we ended up with a good six inches. It started snowing Saturday morning and snowed all day. Perfect timing. Gypsy loves the snow. She always has. This was Red's first snow and we couldn't keep him inside. They played hard.
 We stayed home all day, with a fire burning. Both Red and Gypsy hung out in front of the fire to warm up after a round of outside playing.

Sandi spotted this hawk sitting in the bird feeder tree. We knew something was going on because we've been lacking birds at the feeders. This was a beautiful bird and one of the largest I've seen. He seems to patrol the back fence line of the neighborhood. As soon as he left, the little birds came back.
I kept the sweater on Gypsy all day. Being so thin I think she might be more likely to catch a cold. Plus I think she likes it.
I still like a good snow storm, especially on a Saturday afternoon with the pooches.
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