Saturday, January 21, 2017

Weigh In

The other day we took Gypsy to the Vet for a quick check up. She is getting older and slowing down a bit but otherwise in great physical health. Her mental health is another story. She seems to be getting more anxious as she ages. She'll stand and stare off into space for minutes until we get her attention. She really hates to be alone or without us.
Maybe I need medical marijuana???
Who knows? that might help. She has been eating better since Red arrived. By better I mean maybe two cups a day. I was worried she was loosing weight. You can feel every bone in her body. She weighed in at 37 lbs. That has been her weight for the last several years. We've tried everything possible to put a few pounds on her with no success.

We took Red along with us to the Vet to get his weight. This little boy is a different story. Can't feel a bone on him. He is a good eater to say the least. He came in at a whopping 23 lbs! That is on the heavy side for the breed.
Hey, I'm just big boned!!!
He gets plenty of exercise every day. We'll have to scale back the amount of food we give him. Plus it has been cold and wet so we have not been able to play outside like we usually do. We'll monitor his weight as there is nothing worse than a fat Cavalier.
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