Saturday, January 7, 2017

Gypsy Update

Despite the fact that we have an adorable Cavalier puppy running around, this blog will continue to be about Gypsy. I thought I'd give you a quick update on my quirky Standard Poodle.

Gyp is pushing 12 years old. (June) So I guess she is getting to be a senior citizen?

She still has a puppy face, and smiles all the time.

She still likes to keep an eye out for bunnies or squirrels. The trees in the back of our yard are now large enough that we have a squirrel population. They run back and forth on our fence, driving Gypsy crazy.

She still keeps our air space free from big black birds or 747's cruising at 37,000 feet. This skill she is teaching to Red.

She is getting a bit more gray around the edges.

She has always been thin. I think maybe once or twice I got her to weigh 40 lbs. I've not weighed her in awhile but I think she is loosing weight. She is eating pretty good since Red arrived, just not putting any weight on. You can feel every bone in her body under all that hair.

She loves to play tag with Red in the back yard. She is still fast but has lost a step. She takes a spill from time to time on tight corners and will limp over to me head down as if to say "How'd that happen?"

She still loves taking a walk, although we don't go as far or power walk with her. A stroll around the block is all. I let her sniff all she wants and she likes that being the hunter she is.

She still loves an oyster roast.

She has been good medically. Over the last year or so she has had a few episodes where she wakes up in pain, whimpering. She stands up, head down, hunched over and kind of twisted. She walks in circles and seems to be in pain when laying down. I started rubbing her head when this happens and that seems to help. Talked to our vet about this and we're not sure what is going on.

She still is by my side if I'm home. If I'm sitting she is in her bed next to me or will stand with her head in my lap. When I'm snoozing, she is also in her bed, next to mine.

She still loves a good snow! We are getting our first good snow of the year today. We'll go out to play, introducing Red to snow for the first time. I'm sure Gypsy will show Red the ropes on snow time.

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