Saturday, January 11, 2014


Yes, with the beginning of the New Year we have all the awards being passed around. We have the Golden Globe, Oscars, and Peoples Choice Award all coming up just to name a few. I saw Britney Spears won some award the other day. Jeez, how would you feel if you lost an award to Britney?   So I was thinking which of the animals would win the coveted Pet of the Year Award at our house. (The coveted trophy shown above)
Hello...this is a no brainer!!!
Obviously Gypsy would be the hands down favorite. She has all the attributes worthy of the Pet of the Year. She is pretty, funny, and provides us (me) with endless joy.
Please continue...
That said, she has become much more of a Diva this past year. She is getting more obsessed with bunnies and other furry things. She has been a picky eater and is stressing out over being alone more than ever. So, I had to keep an open mind and consider each of the pets equally. After a second or two of thought I came up with a decisive winner.
STORMI (aka Pretti)
Yes, we have a cat winning the Pet of the Year award in a major upset.
I've been robbed!!!
Stormi was the rescue cat Sandi came home with a few years ago. We don't really know much about her past. One thing we know is that she was not very comfortable in the house at first. I think everything was new to her. She hid for the first few months we had her. She stayed up stairs under the beds coming out at night secretly to eat or use the cat box. We never saw her and she never came downstairs. She eventually poked her head around the corner of the steps one evening and took a look around and decided this place was pretty cool.
She now is one of the most outgoing of the cats and loves to have her picture taken. How do you like the pose above? Whenever Sandi or I sit down, Stormi is with us, up on the arm of the chair poking our arm prodding us to pet her. Whenever a guest comes over, she is there checking them out. She has become very social over the last year. She enjoys hanging out and laying down close to Gypsy. Not to mention she is one good looking cat.
I'm thrilled Stormi is with us and she deserves Pet of the Year.
I demand a recount!!
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