Saturday, February 1, 2014

Field Day

This morning Gypsy and I had a "field day." We have these big farming fields behind our neighborhood that we walk by all the time. Since it is after hunting season Sandi suggested we let Gypsy off leash and let her do her thing. One of the very first things we did with Gypsy as a puppy was to take her hiking. We could tell way back then that she was crazy happy running in the field, off leash, sniffing everything.  She takes off like a rocket when I take her leash off. At first I was thinking "great we lost the darn dog." She always turns around and checks to make sure we are there. Sandi would hide behind trees and Gypsy would come running back to us looking for her.

Here we are just arriving in the field and I take her off leash. ZOOM...she is still pretty fast.

Look at the smile on her face. She is having a great time. How can this not be a great thing for her? After about an hour we walked home. She kept looking up at me smiling like she was thanking me. We will make sure to have Field Days more often.
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