Sunday, August 16, 2015

Farmers Market Saturday

Road Trip!!!

I've mentioned several times that our little town has a vibrant Farmers Market. We go and walk the aisles with Gypsy checking out all the fresh veggies and fruit. But wait, there's more. Many of the local artists have booths set up. We have several pieces from a local photographer that focuses on wildlife. I think we're her best customer. We always see a variety of dogs.

Gypsy is always in the center of it all. Something about standard poodles that makes everybody want to pet them. Lately Gypsy has been more quirky than usual. She has always been excitable around other dogs but now she barks at them. Like the little guy in the photo above. They start off with a few sniffs, and then Gyp goes ballistic if he gets too close. I'm not sure what to do about this besides continuing to take her down there and meet as many other pooches as possible. Maybe it's an age thing? I know that I'm getting a bit more crotchety with age.

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