Monday, June 10, 2013

Girls Go Shopping

Last week Gypsy had her 8th birthday. I came home from work to learn that Sandi and Gypsy went shopping. I always hear that I'm the one that spoils the poodle but I'm beginning to wonder.

They made the trek down to our favorite pet shop, Flying Fred's. They have a very good selection of over priced things for dogs.

So many collars, so little time...
Of course, Gypsy heads straight for the collars. I switch her collars up all the time and I have a difficult time getting all of them in the rotation. Sandi says that Gyp has more collars than she has shoes. That is saying something. It usually doesn't take long for Gypsy (Sandi) to find the one that stands out. This time they were actually after something with crabs on it but could not find the right one. The girls made their way through this vast collection of collars with ease.

Can I have that one please???
After a few minor distractions from other dogs, Gypsy has the collar of her dreams picked out.

Can somebody tell me how pretty I am!
Bright pink with flowers, how cute is that? Plus, it is just the right width. We like the collar nice and thick. Can you tell I'm past the point of feeling less manly by walking a poodle let alone one with a bright pink collar?

 Does this collar make me look fat???

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