Saturday, June 15, 2013


A surprise came in the mail yesterday for Gypsy. A box came from our friend and poodle breeder in St Louis. This is the breeder that drove half way across the country to deliver Rim to us. Sandi mentioned to her that she will be traveling down to North Carolina to visit with Rim. (now know as Ram) So, she wanted to give Sandi a box of home made treats for Rim/Ram to split with Gypsy.

Once we spread them out on the table, it only took Gypsy a second to get a whiff of these delectable treats. Gypsy is well known as a picky eater but, she could not resist these treats.
Hey, this one has coconut in it!!!

Gypsy soon picked out the teat she wanted. These things look so good I might try one.
Go to to learn more about these treats.
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