Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Party Poodle

This past weekend we hosted a Bike club party at our house. We had about 30 members over for some backyard fun and eats. Gypsy was the official greeter of the bike club. Normally when we have one or two friends over, she will bark and act like a lunatic for a few minutes and then settle down and just be obnoxious. Her go to move is to stick her face up on everyone's lap and trying to get as many pets as possible.
Hey, back off buddy! that's my job!
Gypsy was a great dog the day of the party. We had everyone bring lawn chairs over and we hung out all day long. She was very polite and greeted everyone like a little lady. She did show off her jumping skills to everyone. One of the guys got her to play fetch with Dino and she was really excited about that. Sandi mentioned how she and Gyp play tag and that it is next to impossible to catch her. Hearing that one of the guys tried his best to tag her to no avail.
I bet that guy woke up sore the next morning!
The only mishap of the day was when Gypsy caught a few of the guests helping themselves to her "Charley Bear" dog treats we had put out for people to give her.
Hey, those are my treats!
I meant to put a little sign on the bowl, oops.
Sunday, the three of us were wiped out. Gypsy slept the entire day from all the excitement of the party.
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