Saturday, June 8, 2013

Birthday Gal

Last week was a big one for Gypsy Gal. She had a birthday and turned 8 years old.
June 5th, mark your calendars!
She is doing great for 8 years old. Maybe getting a bit gray around the edges. She still loves to play tag with Sandi however I think Sandi can actually tag her now. She still loves to take a walk but not quite as far. She still loves it when we set up the jump in the backyard and she can show off for guests. And most of all she still likes to play with Dino. Her favorite toy of all time.
Dogs are great. Everyday when I come home Gypsy is happy to see me. She gets up from her bed and has happy feet as she greets me. Sandi tells her to settle down but Gypsy can't help herself. When we sit down to put on our shoes, no matter what the conditions are outside or what time of day, Gypsy will think we are going for a walk and spring to life. Smiling big. When we grab our keys she also will spring to life thinking we are going to run errands.
Road Trip!
When Sandi and I sit out in the yard, Gypsy will always get in between us somehow and settle in for a snooze. This is when she is most relaxed.
She is also still the quirkiest of Poodles. She has to keep an eye to the sky Birdin all the time.
Big black birds and small aircraft beware.
She goes on patrol in the backyard keeping us bunny free. Although this morning when I let her out there was a bunny smack dab in the middle of the yard, munching away. Gyp took off for it like she was shot out of a cannon. The bunny made a bee line for the wood pile. Gypsy just missed that fluffy white tail by inches.
Hummm, rabbit stew!
She is till a picky eater. She will eat if we tell her Chloe is going to get her food. She enjoys the company of the cats but, she just does not like to have another dog living with us. She still takes Dino to a special spot under a Crepe Myrtle as this is "home base." She has to lay her head on the bed every night for some end of the day petting before she turns in for the night.

I guess everyone believes they have the most special dog in the world.  That's the great thing about dogs. They get into your heart as a little puppy and become a huge part of your life.  Gypsy is certainly special to us and we are lucky to have her.

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