Saturday, June 22, 2013

Road Trip

 Last weekend we decided to let the Bike Club ride without us. This is indeed a rare event for Sandi. Actually she had an excuse from a Doctor. So, we decided to at least travel over to St. Michael's to see them off and get a cup of coffee. Gypsy loves to ride with us. When the weather permits, we take her everywhere. Now that it's a bit warmer out, she has been grounded. She likes to stick her head out the window and search for little furry animals.
I know there is a Bunny out there somewhere!
It was really a beautiful morning.

On the way down we pass this big farm right on the River. It is one of our favorite farms in the area. The owner puts up very cool "yard art" during differant times of the year. Last Christmas he actually had a fighter Jet sitting out front with Santa caught in one of the engines. He has these horses out front now.
Hey, how did he get that Jet in his yard anyway?
Good question.
 St. Michaels is a very fun little town. Something is always going on. We saw the bike club off for their Sunday ride. And we head for the Inn at Perry Cabin.

 Gypsy was nice and relaxed, ready for a nice calm stroll around the grounds. We usually get coffee and sit out and look at the water. All of the above went down the drain when she saw a Bunny just as we pulled in.
Geez, this things are everywhere!

 That was all she needed to see and Gyp was on high alert the entire time at the Inn. It was a nice morning anyway. Surrounded by water with great views. You might recognize this place from the movie The Wedding Crashers. The reception scene was filmed here. We'll be back down there soon and hopefully we can avoid the Bunnies.

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