Saturday, October 26, 2013

Drama Relief

Hey, want to play?
Sandi and I have had an abundance of drama in our lives lately. We've had a death in the family, a death of a good friend, illness with family and friends, accidents, you name it. Hey, I'm not complaining, that's life and you have to handle it.
At least we have not had a Tsunami!
That would cap this autumn off for sure. Can we have those on the Chesapeake Bay?
I think dogs can sense when things get sideways. Gypsy is very tuned into our feelings and is very sensitive. What better way for us to get a bit of drama relief than to play with a poodle?
Go ahead, try to get Dino...make my day!
I think Gyp has been tuned into Sandi a bit more than usual lately. Gypsy knows that no matter how stressed Sandi is, she is always willing to play a game of tag.

She'll never find me behind this tree...
That's the thing with dogs and Gypsy in particular. No matter what is thrown our way, she will be there for us with a big smile on here face helping us get past the latest drama.

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