Thursday, July 30, 2015

Chasing Bunnies

I've mentioned many times Gypsy is a hunter. She is always on alert, looking for birds or other fuzzy things to chase. That said, she rarely takes off while off leash. I've been pretty relaxed with her while I work around the yard. She follows me out in the front yard while I work or get the mail. She has never taken off until this past weekend. Twice in one day I might add. In the morning she took off after a bunny and just went a house or two down the street and quickly returned after Sandi let out an ear piercing whistle. We thought, wow, never saw that before. Then, that afternoon, she did the same thing but this time she chased the bunny all the way down the street. The bunny lost Gyp in some thick bushes. Sandi again let out a whistle (this girl can really whistle) and Gypsy came running back with a big smile on her face. I think that she was proud of herself for running off that rotten bunny. My neighbor was just coming down the street and was impressed that Gypsy almost caught that rabbit. When she came back, smiling from ear to ear, I tried to get mad at her but just couldn't bring myself to get to riled up.
I'll monitor the bunny population a bit more closely from here out. Given the right conditions though, I might just let Gypsy off her leash from time to time.
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