Saturday, July 4, 2015

4th of July on the Eastern Shore

Happy Independence Day!!

The 4th is always a great day for me. Very relaxing on the eastern shore. Gypsy likes it because we generally stay home and hang out it the backyard. 

We started the day by paying a visit to our local farmers market. We have a vibrant market here in town and we take Gypsy for all to admire. 
I prance when I get there!!!
She does prance. We had a lady stop us this morning letting us know she see's Gypsy prancing all over town. 

Today we had to make it a quick trip. We have some friends coming over for a BBQ (if the weather holds up). We ran into a few friends while we were at the market, got a few things, and back home to prepare. 
I may break out her jump this afternoon and see if she can regain her jumping form. 
Yeah, bring that thing out!! I'm ready for it!!

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