Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dog Walk, Oxford

It's finally here. The day of the walk. I think this is the 4th annual for Gypsy.

First we had to go and register. As we came up to the booth, Gyp became more and more excited. Happy feet and doing the talking growl out of pure excitment.

At registration we got a great big bag of cool stuff. A frisbee, treats, and a few soft toys that she will destroy in short order.

The walk begins through town headed to the ferry landing.

Passing by the major shopping district in town.

We passed by Town Creek.

We ended up by the Ferry

Some of my new friends

Here is the ferry that goes across the Tred Avon River

Hugs the clown was there. He is kind of scarey..

They always have a big plant sale.

Big party in the park.

What a day! I'm bushed. Can't wait until the next dog walk.

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