Friday, July 5, 2013

Dog Park Again

 This morning we wanted to get out of the house for a bit before it became too hot so we decided to take Gypsy to the dog park. This is the dog park that is famous for not having any dogs in it. We've been several times and hardly a dog in the park. We have been a few times when
there were other dogs around when we arrive but they all leave shortly after. Not sure what's up with that. This morning we arrive and behold, there are three other dogs in the park. Gypsy was really good entering the park this morning. Usually she is so excited she can't contain herself. This morning she went right in calm cool and collected.

Of course she had to do the traditional lap around the perimeter upon entering. One of the dogs that was there was a Greyhound. I thought finally there might be a dog that can keep up with Gypsy. Didn't get to see them run together. The Greyhound packed up and left. So did the other two.
Is it my breath???
So we had the park to ourselves again.
Gypsy is mastering some of the agility things they have set up in the park. Too bad nobody was there to see her.

 After the park we hiked down the adjoining trail for a mile or two. Very pretty views. gypsy has a great time at the dog park. With or without other dogs.

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