Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer Time

Summertime is here and the 4th is around the corner. We are starting to get some tomatoes from the garden and the squash is not far behind. I decided to take a few days off prior to the 4th for some R&R time. Of course Mother Nature got the memo on my schedule and has decided it was time for a monsoon on the Eastern Shore. We've had rain and storms along with hot and humid weather. Last night I tried to get Sandi to sit outside between storms and she declined. You know the weather is bad when she doesn't want to go out. Gypsy is always willing to go out and patrol her yard. Making sure we aren't being attacked by rabbits, squirrels, black birds, or anything else on her list. After a minute or two, even Gypsy stopped and looked at me to say "Hey, it's nasty out here. Let's go back inside!"
I think we might be in for some drier weather albeit hot over the next few days and we'll be out back again.
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