Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hot Hot and Hotter

We have been having some HOT weather for the past few weeks. The entire east coast has been suffering. We've been around the upper 90's and with the humidity it has been bad. This is not ideal poodle weather to say the least. Summer is Gypsy's least favorite time of year. We don't take her in the car with us while we run errands around town. She hears the car keys and gets all excited about a road trip and we tell her to go chill out in the office.
What a buzz kill...
It's been too hot to walk her with any regularity because of the heat. Even if we go out early in the morning it is hot and humid and she starts huffing and puffing right off the bat.
Recently we took her on a short walk and had to detour around some Geese. Gypsy wanted to play but the Geese didn't want any part of her.
Hey, those are funny looking chickens!

Sandi and I try our best to get some time on the deck or in the back yard with her but it has been too hot for that too. When we do try to have some outside time, we have to hose Gypsy down to keep her cool and she hates that. So, we've been inside a bunch and Gypsy has been bonding with the cats.
The cats rule the inside. They are always interested in what Gypsy is up to. When I do get Gyp to eat, the cats go over by her and keep track of what is going on. Gypsy doesn't seem to mind too much. They go up and sniff her and rub on her legs while she is eating.
Hello...a little privacy would be good.
The other day Gypsy got her privacy when we were invaded by a bunch of butterflies. They were all over these flowers on the front porch and all the cats were front and center.
The forecast has the HOT snap we are having coming to an end this weekend and hopefully we'll have some time outside again.
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