Sunday, July 28, 2013

Chow Time

To say Gypsy is a finicky eater is putting it mildly. She sometimes will not eat more than a bite or two for days. I've tried different dry food. Mixing dry with canned food. High end food, and the low end food. I've tried mixing dry with chicken stock.  Nothing seems to excite her. I think this is just how she is wired. When we took her to puppy training she would spit out the treats we gave her for positive reinforcement. It has been very frustrating. If you look on-line there are many different "solutions" for a finicky eater. It can be very confusing. I decided to make my own doggy food for her. The slop shown above is my first attempt at it. Basically it is beef, peas, white rice, and eggs. Yesterday was her first day on it and she ate with gusto in the morning and night. This is not unusual when I try something new though. This morning when we came in from the yard she went over and stood by her food bowl. This is not a common occurrence with her. She ate up the first bowl I gave her and wanted more. When Moose the red cat came by to see what was going on, Gypsy actually gave him a growl. First time I ever heard that but maybe a sign that she likes this food?
Not sure how this will go long term. I might get a multi vitamin to mix with the food.
I will keep you posted.
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