Saturday, August 3, 2013

Chow Hound Update

Well, it has been a week since we started making Gypsy the finicky eater homemade food. When we tried alternate diets in the past she would seem interested for a day or two then start turning her nose up at the new trial food. So far she seems to really like what we are giving her. She eats a big bowl in the morning and night. Last night she went over and stood my her bowl when it was dinner time. I think that is the first time she ever did that. I'm making a combination of ground beef, white rice, peas, and eggs. Last time I made it I tossed in some chicken hearts and gizzards.
What in the heck is a gizzard?
I'm not totally clear on what a gizzard is but she seems to like them.
It might be my imagination or wishful thinking but while you can still feel each rib, they are not quite as pronounced. Hopefully our Chow hound will put a pound or two on.
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