Monday, August 12, 2013


We have a little garden in our backyard. Sandi plants a few tomatoes and other veggies and we have fun with it. Today she took a few plants out that had seen better days and replaced them with Kale (the super food) and Lettuce. These are two of our favorites but unfortunately, favorites of the local bunny population. Being a savvy gardener, Sandi sprayed rabbit replant around the new plantings. I think it is well documented that we have an enormous rabbit population in our neighborhood. They are everywhere. When I walk Gypsy in the morning she is on full alert, checking out the numerous bunnies we see along the way. From time to time one will venture into our backyard and Gypsy will chase the intruder off in a second. So, today right after Sandi plants the new crop of kale and lettuce, and after spraying of the rabbit replant, I let Gypsy out the back door. She takes off like lightening, chasing a bunny that was making his way over to the new buffet.
Not on my watch you furry pest!!!
Gypsy came within a foot of that fluffy white tail before it disappeared into the wood pile. She might have lost a step with age but can still fly.

She ran laps around the perimeter of the yard making sure the garden was safe before she settled down and we went back inside. Once inside, she stood guard at the back window that overlooks the garden, ever vigilant.
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