Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday Walk

This past week has been great for walking the dog. It has been a bit chilly in the morning. I have to admit that when it is hot and humid, even early in the morning, I don't enjoy taking Gypsy for a walk. She'll go no matter what the weather. Hot, cold, rain, snow, she could care less. She is walked often and I think much more than the other dogs in the neighborhood.

We were in the backyard this morning when I mentioned the "W" word. You can see how excited she gets. She hops around with excitement and runs into the garage and waits for me. Tail up and with happy feet.
Hey, lets go old man. Pick it up and grab my leash!!!
During the work week we walk much earlier in the morning. One day last week we went out into the backyard and she almost caught a Bunny that seemed to be eyeing the lettuce. Gyp took off after the intruder and this bunny took a wrong turn into a corner of the yard without an exit. Gypsy just narrowly missed it as the bunny took off toward the wood pile. All I heard was Gypsy's head impact the pile of wood.
That's going to leave a mark...
This morning we saw our fair share of rabbits along the way.

Gypsy got into a stare down with this little guy that is hiding under this bush. I think you can just make him out. Gypsy would have hung out there staring at this bunny all day long.

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