Saturday, August 31, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Hard to believe Labor Day weekend is upon us. where did the summer go? Seems like my blogging activity waned during the summer months. I think because we have had a fairly uneventful summer. Lots of yard work and painting. Nothing spectacular to write about. For the first time Gypsy got a short, summer haircut. I think she likes it and I have grown accustomed to seeing her with short hair. I am still making her food and she seems to still like it. she has gained a pound or two we think. It appears to me that she has filled out some.

I came home from work one day and Sandi said she and Gypsy went out shopping. Of course that can only mean one thing, a new collar. This sporty "Life Is Good" collar is now her favorite. She has more collars than Sandi has shoes. That is saying something.

We have picked up our daily walking routine now that it is not as hot. Gypsy is always looking for her arch enemy Bunny on every walk. We come across Oliver the pig from time to time. His tail is always wagging and he is happy to greet just about everyone. I saw a school bus let a bunch of kids off not long ago and about eight little girls went running up to him and he was jumping up and down excited to meet them.

For the bulk of the summer we've been spending time out on the deck. Chloe is the only cat with outside privileges. She just hangs out on the deck and never ventures off.  She usually just gets a few rubs from us and then looks for a good sun spot.
We will see what this Labor Day weekend brings us. 

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