Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lizard Invasion

The cats love it when we leave the front door open for them. They usually will line up and take in what is going on outside. From time to time NOBELLS, the cat across the street will come over for a visit. The cats enjoy his visits and are always on the look out for him. We always have birds out front and the cats will spend hours looking out the door, in stealth mode, as if they could actually get a bird. They also like checking out the butterflies as they come by and check out the flowers. The other day all the cats were off causing trouble in other parts of the house when I saw Moose, the silly red cat, tuned into something out front.

Sometimes we think Moose is a half a bubble off. He has a tendency to hunt sun spots and other imaginary things, so I didn't pay too much attention to what was going on. When Moose didn't leave the door I checked out what was going on and saw that he was observing two little lizards run around the front porch. They were after a few crickets that were almost as big as they were. Non of the other cats tuned into the action, just Moose.

The next day Sandi goes out back with Gypsy and sitting just outside the garage door, sunning on the walkway, is another lizard.
They are all over the place!
Of course Gypsy sees this and leaps out the door, tail up and with gusto. Thankfully the lizard made it to a nearby bush.

 Now, whenever we go out the back door, she leaps out and sniffs the bush looking for that silly little lizard. She was on the sent of a lizard in this picture I think and she was pointing.
Hey Dad, that stinking lizard is over here!!!

After lizard sniffing the bush for a few minutes, she will then go back into her primary duty of making sure the backyard is free from bunnies and that our air space is not being violated by big black birds.
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